Golfing with Erin
I just viewed Erin's DVD and I think it is "terrific." She did a wonderful job explaining the Manuel de la Torre system. "Very very impressive."
-Pam Barnett
LPGA Teaching Professional
Students include: Ted Purdy, PGA Tour Jerry Smith, Nationwide Tour
"I thought the video was very impressive. It was very professionally done and easy to understand. It was great."
-Stephanie Isch
Former Pro, now a top amateur in the Northwest
"The video was easy to follow and very helpful, I think everyone would benefit from watching it. I thought it was awesome"
-Dixie Eckes
LPGA Teaching Professional
"Even I can understand it, and I've never golfed before... I think this is great, very easy to follow."
-Ashley Griffith
Beginner Golfer